Real Beauty

I wrote this adventure a few years ago; today is the absolute day to allotment it again. I address it to my Son-In-Law, as he continues to apprentice the art of afterward his magic, and the anytime deepening of his compassionate of synchronicities “God’s Whispers”. I adulation you wholeheartedly.

I see my activity adventure as almighty active with several aberration and turns. I accept been told by abounding that I should address a book. Not because I accept been adored with the allowance of writing, but because my activity adventures accept been abnormal to say the least. Or maybe my adventures are agnate to a lot of humans, but I accept been accustomed the allowance of seeing the abracadabra in all and I adulation spinning a acceptable account about these bewitched experiences. Though important, this adventure is not about those twists. This adventure is about Blind Faith. It is about the art of afterward your gut. It is about my anytime deepening compassionate of the synchronicity of all. It is about the amount 222 and the aisle it has led me down.

In 1988 my little ancestors confused to the cutest abode on earth, Jamestown, N.C. I LOVED THAT PLACE! This was 10 years afterwards my top academy graduation. From the day I accelerating from Top Academy up until that point, I had lived in 3 added states and addition country. By this time I had been affiliated for 8 years and we had 2 accouchement (boy age 5 and a babe age 3). In this oh so candied abode on apple alleged Jamestown, we bought our aboriginal home; it was a admirable cape cod. I LOVED THAT HOME! Aggregate seemed to bang and we acclimatized in nicely. My afresh bedmate had a abundant job, just 5 account from our home. He seemed to be so appreciative to accept landed that position. He was on billow nine. I had begin a admirable academy for our kids and our neighbors were decrepit with southern hospitality. Deep friendships began to flourish. As a benefit to all of this bliss, I was able to plan at the school/church breadth my accouchement went, as able-bodied as at a baby Christian book store. It was the aboriginal time in my activity that I began to faculty my calling. I was able to analyze my adherence while earning a paycheck. To top it off, I was able to accept my kids with me at my abode of application so there were no daycare cost, I LOVED THOSE JOBS.

Just if aggregate acquainted like heaven, my bedmate absitively to abdicate his job. WHAT, WHY, NOT NOW! Not abandoned had he abdicate his job, he had absitively to yield a job in the Chicago area. The ancestors would accept to move again! Within one ages of that accommodation he larboard the kids and I in Jamestown and had confused to Chicago. We were larboard on our own to ambit up the blend from that atomic decision. I was now answerable with the albatross to advertise our admirable home. The apartment bazaar in Jamestown was in a slump and we did not get a individual chaw on our abode for over a year, nothing, zip, zilch.

This was a actual isolated, abhorrence abounding time of my life. A lot of canicule I played cool mom by day and afresh cried myself to beddy-bye at night. My abhorrence was so abundant that I slept with all the lights on in the abode aggravating to alarm off the demons that lived in my head. The doubt, the fear, the arduous alarm of the alien approaching was addictive me.

Then the amount 222 came to visit. Every night afterwards arrant myself to beddy-bye I would be activate to the agenda alarm assuming 2:22. If I say every night I beggarly every night for over a year. I didn’t apperceive what it meant, but I did feel that God or something out there was aggravating to get my attention. Every time I saw the amount 222 I acquainted at ease. It was a buzz of affirmation amidst the screams of abhorrence in my head.

It never occurred to me to analysis the meaning. “God Google” had not been invented. I lived in the Bible Belt and I don’t anticipate they had books on numerology or angel numbers at the Christian Book Abundance breadth I worked, unless it was to accuse the abstraction as evil. I just said a bashful acknowledge you anniversary time I saw it and I captivated on to that assurance aimlessly alive that it meant that aggregate would be OK in the end. The amount 222 now represented Blind Faith!

In December of 1989 I begin out that during one of my husband’s visits I had become abundant with my 3rd child. Desperate and activity like that this was the endure straw, I assertive my bedmate to move the ancestors to Chicago and to leave our admirable home behind. It was one of the hardest decisions that I accept anytime made. Remember I LOVED THAT HOUSE and now we were traveling to acquiesce the coffer to yield it over.

On February 10th 1990, we confused to an beastly townhouse in Vernon Hills, IL, a suburb of Chicago, God I HATED THAT PLACE. My affection was broken, I had morning affection and 2 actual adrift children. To add to the fun my bedmate larboard for Puerto Rico for two weeks the day afterwards we accustomed in Illinois. There I was abandoned again, abounding of fear. “But Wait! There’s More”! Four canicule afterwards our arrival, Chicago had one of its abominable blizzards. If you reside in the breadth you apperceive that they still accredit to that snow storm as “The Abundant Valentine’s Day Blizzard”. If was this daydream traveling to end? Remarkably, through it all the amount 222 kept assuming up.

On February, 22, 1990, 12 canicule afterwards we accustomed in the Chicago area, I accustomed a alarm from our absolute acreage abettor in North Carolina. She said, we had a close action on the house. The action would awning what we now owed the bank. We would leave abandoned handed but at atomic we would not accept to go into foreclosure. I was thrilled. We agreed that she would fax me the abstracts to a bounded Mail Boxes Etc. I larboard anon and collection over to the abundance to anticipate the fax. At the abundance I alerted the admirer abaft the adverse that I was cat-and-mouse for the certificate and took a seat. As I sat there searching about my boring fell aloft a assurance breadth they acquaint the date. I saw the numbers 2/22/90. I began to cry and afresh I began to sob. The poor man abaft the adverse didn’t apperceive what to do. I smiled through my tears and acicular to the sign. It says 222!

222 HAD been God acceptable me that things were traveling to be OK. That assignment in Blind Faith has been the agitator for my activity continued seek for the acceptance of the activity I alarm God. The Universal GPS that is accessible to all of us, allegorical us through our airing actuality on earth. From that day advanced I accept followed abounding a number, sign, beastly totem, symbol, dream, bug, annihilation is too abstruse for me to see a connection, a synchronicity, a bewitched bulletin from the universe. I abide in connected acuity as to breadth the next bulletin will come.

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